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Although most visitors to Uzbekistan don't realize it, Tashkent is an ancient city almost as old as Bukhara, Samarkand, and Khwarism. At least in the last 300 years, Tashkent rivaled its more legendary sister cities in cultural production. If you go exploring in the vicinity of Charsu Bazaar, you'll find the charming remnants of pre-Russian Tashkent - with the occasional mosque or madrasa built under the khans of Khoqand - in addition to Timurid-Shaybanid revival architecture built in the last 15 years.
Residential neighborhood in old Tashkent.An 18th century neighborhood mosque from the period of the Khanate of KhoqandHazrat-e Imam ComplexBarak Khan Madrasa (Shaybanid), completed 1532.Barak Khan Madrasa, 16thBarak Khan Madrasa, 16th c.This monument within the Hazrat Imam Complex houses a holy hair of the Prophet (s) and the Qur'an belonging the Caliph Uthman ibn al-AffanThe new Masjid-e Hazrat Imam (built in the 2007, believe it or not)Courtyard of the new Masjid-e Hazrat ImamCourtyard of the Hazrat Imam MasjidEntrance to the new Hazrat Imam MosqueExperimental minars flanking the new Hazrat Imam MosqueShrine of Abu Bakr ash-ShashiKokaltash Madrasa of TashkentKokaltash Madrasa of TashkentKokaltash Madrasa of TashkentKokaltash Madrasa of TashkentWedding shopping at Chorsu BazaarBack alleys of TashkentNo caption required.

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