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Without doubt, the spiritual epicenter of Central Asia.
Shah Bahauddin Naqashbandi, the 14 century mystic of Bukhara, was known as Sultan al-Arifin (King of the Gnostics). A classical biographical dictionary of saints relates that "Shah Naqshband was an ocean of knowledge that has no shore. Its waves were woven with the pearls of heavenly knowledge. He cleansed humanity with his ocean of innocence and piety... He uplifted the hearts of humanity causing them to soar in the sky of spirituality." It is further related that in his spiritual training, for seven years he nursed the sick and wounded dogs (and all sorts of other animals) of Bukhara. This was followed by seven years of caring for the poor and needy inhabitants of city, followed by seven years of resolving conflicts between people.
His teaching and tradition of Sufism - known as the Naqshbandi path - soon spread throughout the world, from Indonesia to Turkey - to the extent that even the Sultans of the Mughal and Ottoman empires became devoted disciples.
Minar and mosque at the shrine of his blessed mother (r)The shrine of his blessed mother (r)Mosque at the shrine of his blessed mother (r)

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