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They say that in the 12th century, in the time of the Seljuk sultans, hundreds of Balkh's citizens collectively had a dream that Hz. Ali ibn Abi Talib (r), the Prophet Muhammad's (s) cousin, was buried in the vicinity of their town. (Some sources claim the dream was seen only be one holy man) The dream disclosed the location of his tomb, which the people of Balkh excavated, to find Hz. Ali's resting place. Several centuries later, Ali Sher Navoi, the poet-administrator of the Timurid Empire, commissioned the monument we see today.

(This is, incidentally, one of at least 3 locations where he is believed to be buried. Traditional biographers are not bothered by this ambiguity -- and each location is said to be blessed with his presence.)

Unbeknownst to most visitors, adjacent to the tomb of Hz. Ali (r) (behind a curtain) is the resting place of Bibi Sahiba, who was the appointed successor of Kabul's principal scholar-saint of the late 18th century, Khwaja Safiullah Mujaddidi. Her daughter, also a saint in her own right, was buried in Matiari, Sindh (see Matiari album).

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