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According to legend, Farrukhshah Kabuli was the celebrated general of his day (that being, the turn of the 10th century). From a noble lineage - descended from Hazrat Omar Farooq - he entered into the service of Sultan Mahmud Ghaznawi and joined him on his escapades across Hindustan. In exchange for his services, he was awarded the governorship of Kabul, and accumulated great wealth and prestige. Then, one day, he realized that these worldly attainments had no real value - and he traded in his throne for a life of asceticism. The hagiographies tell us that he roamed the hills north of Kabul, attaining wisdom, and finally, become a great Sufi teacher. Eight hundred years later, his descendent, the Naqshbandi Sufi master Shah Zia ul-Haq Shaheed, left the comforts of Kabul to discover his ancestor's idyllic resting place and built a shrine, khaniqah and mosque in his honor.

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