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Kabul's legendary quarter of poets, musicians, and mystics. In fact, before the modern period, Shor Bazaar was at the center of the city, just west of the palace-citadel, where Kabul's rulers resided. In the 18th and 19th centuries, students from as far as Bukhara, Yarkand (now in China) and Sindh would flock to the colleges of Shor Bazaar for a world-class education in metaphysics, law or philosophy. Principal amongst these institutions was the khaniqah-madrasa of the Naqshbandi-Mujaddidi Hazarat of Shor Bazaar. The early 19th century text, the Umdat al-Maqamat, relates that Shah Zaman (the king of Kabul in the late 18th century) walked on foot in the middle of the night to this khaniqah to seek blessings and complete his coronation ceremony.
Hz. Ashiqan-o Arifan (the Lover and the Knower)Hz. Ashiqan-o ArifanHz. Ashiqan-o ArifanHz. Ashiqan-o ArifanHz AshiqanHz. ArifanHz. AshiqanShor BazaarOn the edge of Shor BazaarMazar of Hz. Abdul Baqi SirhindiKhaniqah-e MujaddidiyyaKhaniqah-e MujaddidiyyaShor Bazaar street scenesShor Bazaar street scenesShor Bazaar street scenesA Qadiri disciple at Shor BazaarTowards Khaniqah-e Pahlawan

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