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Jawzjanis are proud of their country, and they have every right to be. This ancient Turkmen-Uzbek stronghold west of Balkh has a strong tradition of mysticism and scholarship dating to the Abbasid period. Pictured here, is the tomb and adjacent mosque of one of Jowzjan's beloved sons, ibn Yamin Sheberghani. The Naqshbandi Sufi influence is still palpable. Sheberghan was also, incidentally, the site of a decisive Mughal-Uzbek battle. These days, it's a place to purchase high quality silk chapans for a steal, and (hands down) the best pilau and chaynaki kabab (prepared in a tea kettle) available.
Mazar of Hz. Ibn Yamin ShabarghaniMosque at Hz. Ibn Yamin ShabarghaniMazar of Hz. Ibn Yamin ShabarghaniMadrasa at Hz. Ibn Yamin ShabarghaniMadrasa outside of ShabarghanA Shi'i madrasa in ShabarghanRural madrasaRural madrasaRural madrasaAt a restaurant in the only commercial street in town

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