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Historically known as 'Umm al-Bilad', or the Mother of Cities. The capital of the Bactrian Greek Empire, a capital of the Kushans, and later, one of the principal cities of the Muslim world. And of course, the birthplace of Mawlana Jalal ud-din Rumi, or, as the locals insist, Jalal ud-din "Balkhi". Unfortunately, since Mazar-e Sharif took off in the 19th century, Balkh lost it stature and the population dwindled. Whatever you do, however, don't let the travelogues of Moorecroft or Burnes fool you. It's still a pleasure to visit the town, and one can spend days and weeks tracking down the legendary sites and sacred shrines in its vicinity.
Khwaja Muhammad Parsa (May God Sanctify his Secret)Khwaja Muhammad Parsa (May God Sanctify his Secret)Gravestone of Khwaja Muhammad Parsa, 15th c.Interior tilework of the shrine of Khwaja Muhammad Parsa (May God Sanctify his Secret)Hz. Rabia Balkhi (May God Sanctify her Secret)Caretaker of the popular shrine of 'Javanmard Qutb', which hosts large-scale celebrations every year drawing families from across Balkh province.Shrines built into the walls of 'old' Balkh  (attributed to Badallah Samarkandi, Zarbadishah Tabrizi, and one other saint)From outside the great walls of Bactria / BaktraWalls of BactriaBirthplace of Mawlana Jalal ud-din Rumi (q)The Prophet Seth (on him be peace)Nizam ud-din Thanesari, a great Chishti saintCustodians of the shrine of Khwaja 'Akasha Sahabi (possibly attributed to a companion of the Prophet (s))Shrine of Nizam ud-din Thanesari, a great Chishti saint

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